Why You Should Patio and Small Space Garden

There are many reasons to garden even in a small space.

For example; food prices rise every year.  With corporations continually cutting corners at the cost of quality; growing your own food make sense.

If you feel like its a huge undertaking.  Chill.  I started with nothing more than cardboard boxes, top soil and tomato seeds.  I lived on the second story of a ghetto apartment in Phoenix Metropolitan.  It wasn’t long before I was hooked on having a small space garden.  It doesn’t take much.

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Potatoes – Crop Focus

Potatoes are a staple and a great beginner crop for gardeners, farmers, or homesteaders. They can even be grown in pots for those with limited space.

With so many suggestions and little information on growing potatoes no wonder everyone is confused.  I compiled this article as a concentrated amount of information. Please let us know if you have any tips, successes or information to add.
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