Peppers, Large Yield Crop Focus

Sweet Peppers; Great for Salads

In the past, I did not treasure peppers as the culinary gems they are, but then I discovered restaurants and people who could cook.  The way a pepper is cooked makes 100% of the difference between, “I hate this!” and “I love this.”  While Dan can discuss dishes from a-z and the styles of cooking for each pepper;

I can help you understand what peppers need to grow.  Whatever culinary triumph or disasters you have it won’t be the peppers fault. 🙂

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Grow the Best Sunflowers, Crop Focus

Sunflowers are captivating flowers. They are the topic of multi-million dollar art, the desire of small children looking for a snack, and fun addition to a garden. Homesteaders and livestock owners love sunflowers seeds for feed; Sunflowers in Full Bloomdehulled sunflower seeds are 41% protein.*

Sunflowers are novice plants. There are many things you can do to encourage growth and a successful crop. However, sunflowers will grow under less than desirable circumstances.*

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Perfect Patio Plants; List of Small Container Garden Fruits and Vegetables.

Diversity in a small container gardeN is difficult to accomplish; but not impossible.

These plants are: diverse, high yielding, and great for small space gardens.  All plants can be found at Baker Creek.  You just click on the picture to be redirected.

It is important to understand that a plant’s nutrient will be affected by: soil, fertilizer, pesticides, water, sun exposure and atmosphere.  Just like people their diet and environment will affect them.  Space is not the only thing that needs to be taken into consideration.  Keep in the minding the temperature, lighting, growing days, the growing method, and your own gardening abilities.

With those factors in mind here is the list:

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