Dairy Consumption

Milk is Delicious! Understanding, what you eat, and what goes into what you eat; is on of the first steps to being sustainable.

You will find that there are some foods that you will have to buy; other foods may need to be given up altogether. However, milk has always been a small homestead staple. I have calculated the costs and consumption of dairy. Obviously, this will differ region to region and year to year. The chart has a link where you can copy and make your own changes to the chart.
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How Now Brown Cow

You’ve probably already realized there are several valid reasons for wanting to your own cow.  But do you want an heirloom cow?

It is noteworthy that heirloom cows are miniature cows. Modern cows are the large ones that are used for commercial purposes that you see spotting the countryside.  Commercial growers were obsessed with size.  There are few countries like Australia considering bring back miniature cows for their feed conversion rate alone.  (Conversion rate is the amount of feed you give an animal versus what you get in return such as eggs, milk, or meat)  Here are the biggest reasons to choose an heirloom cow for your farm.

⇒Easier to handle size
⇒More docile and intelligent
⇒Not as susceptible to disease
⇒Higher quality meat
⇒More milk/meat for feed input.
⇒Forage like goats
⇒Lacks the A protein that causes bloating
⇒No need for birthing assistance
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