Peppers, Large Yield Crop Focus

Sweet Peppers; Great for Salads

In the past, I did not treasure peppers as the culinary gems they are, but then I discovered restaurants and people who could cook.  The way a pepper is cooked makes 100% of the difference between, “I hate this!” and “I love this.”  While Dan can discuss dishes from a-z and the styles of cooking for each pepper;

I can help you understand what peppers need to grow.  Whatever culinary triumph or disasters you have it won’t be the peppers fault. 🙂

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Grow the Best Sunflowers, Crop Focus

Sunflowers are captivating flowers. They are the topic of multi-million dollar art, the desire of small children looking for a snack, and fun addition to a garden. Homesteaders and livestock owners love sunflowers seeds for feed; Sunflowers in Full Bloomdehulled sunflower seeds are 41% protein.*

Sunflowers are novice plants. There are many things you can do to encourage growth and a successful crop. However, sunflowers will grow under less than desirable circumstances.*

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Garlic Crop Focus, Get a Large Healthy Harvest of Garlic

Garlic is delicious and staple. It is a store-able vegetable for year round enjoyment.

How Does It Grow; GarlicAlso, it adds flavor to almost any dish.  Garlic dissuades several types of pests, so it is a great addition to any garden too.  Therefore it is a great vegetable to grow in your garden.  With so much misinformation and scattered tips, I decided to collect data from reputable sources and compile it in this article.
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Potatoes – Crop Focus

Potatoes are a staple and a great beginner crop for gardeners, farmers, or homesteaders. They can even be grown in pots for those with limited space.

With so many suggestions and little information on growing potatoes no wonder everyone is confused.  I compiled this article as a concentrated amount of information. Please let us know if you have any tips, successes or information to add.
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