Why You Should Patio and Small Space Garden

There are many reasons to garden even in a small space.

For example; food prices rise every year.  With corporations continually cutting corners at the cost of quality; growing your own food make sense.

If you feel like its a huge undertaking.  Chill.  I started with nothing more than cardboard boxes, top soil and tomato seeds.  I lived on the second story of a ghetto apartment in Phoenix Metropolitan.  It wasn’t long before I was hooked on having a small space garden.  It doesn’t take much.

Here a few other big ones; that may encourage you to give some serious thought to adding plants to your household.

Other reasons for growing green:

⇒Increased oxygen
⇒Create a microclimate
⇒A useful hobby, the apocalypse will eventual happen . . .
⇒People are physically happier around plants
⇒Grow varieties you can’t get in the store
⇒Beat the season with indoor plants
⇒Keep food fresher longer by pick fruit, herbs, or greens when needed
⇒Its easier to pick the produce at your home than it is to go to the store

The more people there are; the more we are squished together.  Several people feel they do not have the time and more importantly; the space to upkeep a garden.  These are common obstacles that keep several people from taking up gardening or keeping plants.  However, there are methods that can reduce the amount of: space, resources, and time; needed to grow useful plants.

Click here for container plants.
Click here for space saving gardening methods.

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