For Farmers – Free Ebooks and Live Event; State of the Soil

State of the Soil for Farmers will be holding a five-day virtual event.   You can Get Free ebooks.  Click register for To be included in Event.

Starting January 23rd, speakers ranging from small farmers to large producers will be talking the talk on their respective field of knowledge.  Subjects for growing methods include; aquaponics, hydroponics, permaculture, vertical farming and more.  Also, the business side of farming will be a huge discussion point for the event.  Therefore, topics such as; networking, positioning in the market, crop selection, social media, real estate, and even taxes will be discussed.  In additional topics will include: creating a support system, dealing with the woes of farming and having a farm/life balance.

Speakers will range from coast to coast in North America.  For a full list of speakers and topics and their speakers click here.  Not only farmers will be presenting, but representatives of farm product such as Johnny’s Seeds, and Grower’s Supply.   Access is free and content is available up to 24 hours after streaming.  You can opt for buy-ins for more material and access.

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