The Low Down

Fire Blossom Farm is run by CJ and Dan.
I grew up farming. I’m happy to go back to it.

This little urban farm located in small-town Wyoming.  The farm grows several varieties of peppers, tomatoes, and greens.  They also grow a wide variety of smaller crops; such as carrots, radishes, peas, and herbs.

The farm consists of two backyards and a once empty lot.  There are two greenhouses that are setup for hydroponics.  Several outdoor float tables provide greens during the warmer months.

There is always a sense of thrilling anticipation when you put a seed in the ground. It doesn’t matter how many years you’ve gardened, it’s different and exciting every year.

We are sharing what little knowledge we have to help our customers and community.  Fire Blossom Farm hopes to help you find the articles helpful and time-saving.  After struggling to find information in just one spot we were disappointed.  Our goal is to build up our database enough that anyone wanting to have a garden, farm, or homestead can find a good start here.

We love growing things and expanding our knowledge of sustainability, animal husbandry, and finding new or old growing methods to test.

Please share your experiences and knowledge with us.  If you have any questions, suggestions, or requests please feel free to contact us.